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FS: Versahaul Sport Bike Carrier

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I have no use for this anymore, but figured someone else out there might. It is a Versahaul VH-Sport carrier, and it is rated to carry a bike weighing up to 600lbs. I've used it a few times and it works like a champ. Takes two people to put a bike on (can use one person if you are super careful), but 1 person can easily unload a bike from it. I'll take some pics of mine tonight, but it's in great condition. All the specs can be found at their website: | Versahaul


It retails for 415$, but I'll let it go for 250$ and throw in 4 tie down ratchet straps, the anti-tilt bracket for the carrier, and a cycle gear bar harness (which makes strapping down the front forks a cinch: http://www.cyclegear...ss_2/web1001276 ).


The carrier is designed to use and hold a ramp to put the bike on and off of it, but I don't have it... i just used a board, or parked the carrier next to a curb. You can get one of the ramps for 75$ from versahaul.


I am located in Raleigh, and cannot ship it b/c it weighs too damn much lol.






CHP_7564_524 by Raleigh Unseen Photography, on Flickr


CHP_7562_523 by Raleigh Unseen Photography, on Flickr


CHP_7560_521 by Raleigh Unseen Photography, on Flickr


CHP_7555_519 by Raleigh Unseen Photography, on Flickr

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