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Fellow CE Members,


Please keep it in mind that Carolina Euros has a Tire Rack banner on every page of the site. I've spoken to a few members recently that have placed orders with Tire Rack but forgot that Carolina Euros is a Tire Rack affiliate so they didn't order via the Tire Rack banner on the forum. The Tire Rack link on CE will take you to their main site or sometimes their page with current promos.


If you order items from Tire Rack please click the Tire Rack banner on Carolina Euros and place your order once redirected to the Tire Rack site. Sometimes it could even save you money depending on the current promotions they offer. Personally I get all of my tires from Tire Rack and then have them drop shipped to my local installer, it works out very well.


If you are going to order items from Tire Rack anyway, please do it in a manner to help support the Carolina Euros forum.


Thank you,



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The Tire Rack banner on Carolina Euros has been updated to link to all of the current Tire Rack promotions. You can now see all of the current sales and promotions that Tire Rack offers just by using the CE Tire Rack link.

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