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Need opinions on "HID-look" bulbs

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Not interested in doing a full on HID swap.


Simply looking for a brand of bulb I can use that will give a decent blue tint and still perform.


For some reason all I have tried (even PIAA "Hyperwhite" looks dated and dull though projector lenses in headlights.


Any other ideas? guessing around 6000k needed.


Please help with brand and model. Need H1 and H3



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can you use the sylvania silver star bulbs? They look quite nice on my ride.


Yes, tried them as well. However something is quite strange in that the light output- even the projector lens is a dingy creme color when on. Everything I have used has the same effect and even went so far as to take the assy apart and clean thinking it was something on the lens.


I think I just need a VERY blue offering. Do nto want to switch to true HID as it woudl require modifications to headlight assy and locating the power boxes remotely. Strange but efficient design of 993 headlights. All self contained and protected with only a multi pin connection to deliver power.

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I got Hella's last time and they lasted way longer than the Silverstars I had. Maybe it's your lens that is causing the yellowing effect. Or like they said, just spend the extra 50 bucks and get the real thing.

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