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Morr forged 19x9.5 (+43), 19x11 (+41) with storage rack $1800

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Been a while since I post here, but I lurk now and again. Time to get these out of the garage though. A few years ago, I bought an E34 M5, and these were the rolling stock at the time of purchase. I replaced them with Style 39s because I prefer 18s on a car of this vintage.

Tires on them are drivable, but I can't stand them. They're loud because the alignment was off when I got the car and that's pretty much made the tires throw-aways. I figure you can roll on them for a bit while you decide what to do. Yank them and replace them with some sticky summer stock.

The Good: Wide. These will fit serious rubber. Sexy. They're classic and beautiful, especially on Euro-styled cars. Light? I dunno, they feel heavy to me, but I am not a scale. Forged. The should laugh at daily commuting and track work - no bends.


The Bad: There are minor cub scuffs on two or three of them, and you'll want to fix that if you're as OCD as I am. Wide. These required spacers and extended lug bolts to fit the E34 - which I have somewhere I think. You may have to do a bit of work to fit them. Heavy? I am not a scale any more than I'm a dynamometer.

Asking $1800 for nice wheels, meh tires, spacers of undetermined size (BMW hub bore minus the E39 and E53), extended lug bolts, and garage rack!


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