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Took the Uber M3 to Myrtle Beach this Labor Day weekend and ran into a battery problem (quel surprise). Too much audio video is not good for a car battery in the long run - get used to it. I knew it was gonna die and strand me so I sought out someone (read: anyone) that could handle replacing the batterIES while I'm at the beach. Virtually no custom, aftermarket car audio place exists here (at least that I could find).


So, I saw this new Euro car repair place on 3rd Avenue South called EuroTech. Drove in and told them about my problem and they introduced me to Drew. WHAT A RELIEF! Not only a fellow BMW enthusiast but a very knowledgeable mechanic. We disassembled the back of the car to get to the batteries and got the serial number off of one, went online and ordered two new ones - next day delivery for $130.00. No problem...gotta have them. They arrived at 10:37AM the next day, Drew called me and within an hour, they were installed and everything's back to normal. VERY affordable labor and EXTREMELY good care taken with the ride. Even though they were very busy, they fit me in and got the job done.


I highly recommend Drew and EuroTech if you're ever in Myrtle Beach with your ride and need service of any kind (they virtually do it all).

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