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  1. Nice E39! I had the same series car, but it was a 99'. Many things you can do on your own with this model. Keep your eye out for any vanos issues. Other than that it is a flawless vehicle and engine. One of the best, sexy BMW models ever made. Enjoy!
  2. I plan on volunteering again. GMP knows how to put on a great show. Looking forward to it!
  3. Bummer....was looking forward to tomorrow. Good to know that so many are interested in attending each month. Hopefully it will get worked out soon.
  4. Damn straight. Everyone needs to show some class at these events. Let's act like responsible adults.
  5. I was too cold to take pics. Took the wife out with me too and we had cold fun. Saw some cool classic cars. The best of show for me was a white Lamborghini that sounded simply awesome. Too rich for my blood though.
  6. Hopefully the rain is done by Saturday. Hope to see some cool cars and folks.
  7. Thanks. Took me a while to decide on them. Wanted something that fit the car well. Not BBS's or HRE's, but they'll do for now.
  8. Wow.....this thing is going to rock, but my vote is for the e39. There's just something about N/A engines.
  9. Wow, the car is coming together nicely. You've got why too much time on your hands. LOL.
  10. No the D kids are pretty much well behaved. =-) Good to hear. The wife and I are always going up to mooresville for something. Just don't like all the traffic up by exit 36.
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