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  1. It has been a long time since i've been on here but I ran into Emily at C&C over the weekend and reminded me how long it's been. The last mods i've done since i've been here was the 402 mod, upgraded oem air bags, and a few exterior enhancements. So the allroad has been busy since this past Thanksgiving. It was down for about a month for maintenance and a few "might as well" upgrades Here is a list of a few new updates and upgrades: Blauparts Enhanced Timing Belt Replacement with Race Belt Blauparts Enhanced valve cover gasket kit Blauparts Pulley kit Painted Valvecovers Textured
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  3. I've been wanting to make a trip down since the first meet. Going to attempt to bring some of the mooresville crew down soon.
  4. Anyone doing this? Quattro de Mayo: May 3 - 6 Quattro de Mayo is a gathering of Audi (and other European car) enthusiasts from across the Southeast. Each year, we spend as many as four days driving some of the curviest roads in the country, and spend the evenings making new friends. This event began 7 years ago when a group of Audi Club members from Ohio took a trip to East Tennessee to drive a stretch of road named the Tail of the Dragon, which packs 318 curves into 11 miles. But the Ohio crew was not alone that weekend, as a group from Tennessee had also organized a drive and the t
  5. It's been a while since I've been On here. I've been very sick the past few months. I'm starting to feel better and thought I'd post the photos I took in Gatlinburg the weekend before I was sick in September. http://www.pixelyumyum.com/wordpress/photography/euro-classic-audi-allroad/
  6. That's actually a pretty good mount. There's mounts like that for roll cages
  7. So true. Concord mills or north lake sounds good Haha here's a thought Ikea! Huge parking lot
  8. Thomas St. Tavern and The Philosophers are 45min plus one way for us Mooresville people. Birkdale is about 20 mins from us up here... I think that's why we thought birkdale was centrally located for the charlotte folks. maybe we can make a list of possible meet locations, if i go farther than 30 mins away i want dinner!
  9. may have seen me when i was having a very bad day... unless you seen my husband driving it >
  10. My husband is a awesome fabricator so he will be doing mine. But thinking apr or miltek they have similar sound characteristics. Don't want anything ridiculously loud since I already have a few cars like that now.
  11. Emily and I talked about trying another time frame for the monthly meet at birkdale. It was early like c&c only three of us showed up. Maybe a evening time is better?
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