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  1. Sorry, I didn't see an email from you. I'll see if I can get them uploaded for you tonight. I'm in the middle of school work and am procrastinating. I can email you the hi-res if you want. Shawn
  2. Had a great time, and it was nice to meet new people! Sorry I didn't post the pictures yet, I'll try to get them uploaded this week! Shawn
  3. If anyone needs a walkie, I will have a spare with me. See you all in the morning. Shawn
  4. I do remember that, and I am reminded of it a lot. She was down with the idea of going while knocked up on Dramamine. She used it once before and it knocked her out. Shawn
  5. Yeah I agree, 74 from Shelby on might be a pain with a caravan. Just curious, at we going to be hitting Hwy 226a or other windy roads? I talked my wife into coming and she will be accompanied by Dramamine. I have an extra walkie if someone wants to barrow it. Also anyone with Farm Bureau gets a discount. http://www.biltmore.com/gs/corp_farmbureau.asp?cid=CORP-farm Shawn
  6. Cool, I'll should be able to shoot down there. I went last time around 8:30ish, with my brothers. They rode their bikes from Pennsylvania that weekend and we went, but everyone left because of the rain. Shawn
  7. I'm loving the color! I always thought white was the best color on M cars. I have been tossing around the idea of wrapping my R1 myself. I also think I am going to wrap my Mitsubishi Starion. I was going to repaint it in a matte grey, but I think I will wrap it too. Your car turned out nice and clean. Shawn
  8. I don't think it was you, I know your car. The previous owner lives a few houses down. It was a vanity plate, so I imagine you would know if it was you. This one was black, with tint, dark rims and a backup cam. The car was also a SMG. I usually roll down Graham around 7:20-7:30am and get off at Tyvola. Shawn
  9. Anyone here in a black e46 M3 with the license plate ending in 03? I saw it on Billy Graham on 8/27 around 7:50am. I was on the red R1 behind you. Also I believe I saw Drews 911 off Tyvola a few days in a row. Shawn
  10. Sorry I am late to chime into this, I have been away from the forum for some time. I use the o2 SIM on my other car. It can fool the ECU into thinking you are running a second O2 with it. I use it because when I converted to the LC1 from a NB setup, I didn't have the $$ for another o2 gauge so I used the o2 SIM and programmed it so my NB A/F gauge would read correctly. Shawn
  11. Check out Eurowise, I know they do wheel repair. I've checked with them already. Shawn
  12. I'm curious what dyno they use. Also curious about all your mods too. I want to dyno mine yet. I have a handful of mods and don't know what it puts down. Also it may lead me to another tune. I'm running the Discovery Automotive Race tune right now. I can't compare it with anything though. Shawn
  13. I was curious if anyone works there at Integration Point in Mathew? I have an interview with them tomorrow. It's a long shot but I thought I would ask. Shawn
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