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  1. I think I saw this one at Eurofest parking lot. Nice and fairly rare non-tiptronic 4 model. 964s are getting nearly impossible to find and know you will have more interest if the stereo equipment was swapped back to stock. Should last about a day on Rennlist.
  2. These came off my '98 993 C2S at 35k miles, were stripped and repainted using proper procedure and VHT. Sold to a member and finish was damaged in transit. Sent back so I could strip them and redo. In process, realized the color of the PORSCHE text was not to the buyer's liking, so am looking for a new buyer before I strip them AGAIN. Final assembly prior to shipment. New speed bleeders, and cleaned up hardware. Does not include pads or wear indicators. Shipping extra. (Around $60 via UPS ground) $800 firm. Disclaimer: These are OE Porsche 993 brake calipers in perfect working order.
  3. WOw...just replied to your post then saw you are selling it. I am very bummed.
  4. Does anyone locally have the ability to fab a set of seat brackets? I have a set of Sparco seats I want to install in my 993 but have a BIG issue paying $300 for two pieces of steel. I have the sliders, just need the bracket adapters. Thanks in advance. Thomas
  5. PCA dinner meets monthly, Cars and Cappucino, Dragon runs and Garage days on the weekends, Shop nights on Thursdays...PM me for more details.
  6. Welcome to the dark side. We like it here and so will you. PCA member? If not, fix it as you will LOVE the people, cars and support.
  7. I can bring them by, but would prefer you see them before I try to find time to load them up and bring them by so I dont waste my time unless you are sure you want them.
  8. Agreed. I should have the wife's Fiat hooked up by then to bring as well. We need to keep this in mind to roll together, then hit Robbinsville the following day.
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