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  1. I set this car up as a beginner HPDE/autox car. I focused on reliability that is why the car is mostly stock except for a few suspension mods. Koni shocks/struts along with Dinan springs, and Vorschlag camber plates, H&R front bar, RTAB limiters, Treehouse FCAB, X-brace and wheel studs. I also installed a VAC Motorosports oil pan baffle and replaced the stock pickup tube as well as the MotionMotorsports underpanel. The wheels are Tirerack C2's with Dunlop Z1's that still have about 3/32nds tread. This has been a southern car its whole life and there is virtually no rust. Everything wo
  2. Someone from ccr scca just posted how his Forgestar f14s bent after a few autox runs. Search youtube for PCA @ ZMAX 6/14/14 for the whole story.
  3. My 97 M3 is misfiring on random cylinders. It tends to happen only above 5k rpms and on/off throttle (autox conditions). I am only logging the misfire, no other codes. The misfire has been on cylinders 1,2,3,5,6. Never at the same time, usually it's just one cylinder. First course of action was to replace the plugs with Ngk coppers. I've even tested the coils by replacing all 6. I've taken every hose off the intake track looking for cracks. I found one and replaced it but that was over a month ago and I'm still getting misfires. The car idles fine at 550 rpms, and will drive all day at low rev
  4. I think mobil 1 5w30 is a little too thin. I've seen some really good uoa's on 0w40, so that's what I run. But you're gonna do what you're going to do...
  5. Yeah, its a shame. I've wanted to do an endurance kart race for a while. Wish they had them more often.
  6. I would join but I'll be on my honeymoon. Let me know the next race and I'm in. I' not slow there either, I've run in the low 63s.
  7. The schedule is posted on http://www.ccrscca.com
  8. You can get a new trailer from harbor freight that can easily town a dirt bike or 3. You might have to fab up wheel supports but there are direction on how to do that all over various forums.
  9. Interested in the suspension and stromung exhaust. Any idea on the age of those parts? Are the parts at your shop? When are you open from?
  10. Bumping this thread. I didnt think my rtabs were bad but when I got in there found out that they are original from 96!! Anyone have the tool? I dont mind paying for renting it. I would rather pay a local than rent it online.
  11. We have a shark and really like it. First time running it, it picked up more crap than we realized was imbedded in the carpet.
  12. I've always bed on the street with little traffic. It doesn't HAVE to be 70-20 could be 60-10, the point is to get heat in them and not come to a complete stop.
  13. Really cool. Did you drive the car down (and back) or trailer it?
  14. I'm surprised no one can help me reset the airbag light. I will buy you beer or give you some money.
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