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  1. Thats rather interesting. Do you have the wiring harness, ecu, etc to go along with it?
  2. I have been looking for a long time now, but the problem with buying a car on a forum is everyone wants a million dollars. I also am on the lookout for an 03+ 330i e46 for the drivetrain, but they are hard to find as well. I heard that buying a 6-speed is quite pricy, which is why I was looking to get a whole e46 parts car so then I can just part it out to make up for everything else. Do you know hoveringuy on R3v? He did an m54 swap and made some of his own management. Good guy to talk to, very friendly and helpful
  3. needs ellipsoids. If you need any help with it let me know...like a new engine... http://www.markertmotorworks.com/
  4. By the by, I actually need to find another e30 to fulfill all of these dreams and aspirations. Do you have any connections or know of better places to look than craigslist?
  5. I think the non-power rack would be awesome, but I would like a slightly quicker ratio. I would keep the ac if you have an s54. It going to have plenty of power, and then you can drive it comfortably without dying. I am thinking about doing an m54 swap, but Im still on the ropes. It shouldnt be too difficult, but not nearly as plug and play as an s50 or s52. How is the s54 swap going? Where did you source everything if you dont mind my asking?
  6. That sounds pretty awesome, but I think I would like to have ac. Where did you find the non-ps euro rack? Does it have the same steering ratio as an e30 rack? I would like one from an e36 m3, but a non-ps rack would be cool
  7. I would be rather cautious undergoing this task if you dont have the proper tools, experience or instruction manuals. A head gasket is one thing (not the easiest), but dealing with the timing of the engine is pretty sensitive. At least look for a diy with torque specs for the head bolts, correct order, list of the seals required and more. I work at a garage with a friend of mine and we could do this without trouble, but I am not sure what kind of experience you have under your belt. I just dont want anything to get out of hand. Do you have a bentley that covers the m54?
  8. The threads in the top of the block?
  9. I have a friend with a shop in atlanta if you get in over your head. Good luck
  10. Man that sounds epic. What all did you remove? Was it a good DD?
  11. +1 on brushed aluminum (woodgrain makes me very sad)
  12. So they won't let you buy it back?
  13. Sorry to hear that you're still hurt. I hope I didn't sound like a jerk when I just asked for a price on the whole car . I say plus one on determining buyback price. I would be interested in buying it depending on the price, mileage and if it has a 6-speed. Sorry to hear about the accident, but its good to hear that you are getting a fair amount back.
  14. What happened to the rest of the car? Would you be willing to sell the whole thing?
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