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  1. Please take a moment to educate yourself. http://www.danielsternlighting.com/tech/bulbs/bulbs.html
  2. Theres a very active NC E30 group on facebook, check that out if you haven't.
  3. Hey guys, I need to clean out the garage and i've got a lot of random stuff around- mostly E30, but some various bits as well. Prices are negotiable, but i'll post what I can. - Complete M42 + trans - great shape, car had a bad odo but showed 185k . Perfect compression, ran like a top. Could use a seal refresh while its out. - $500 -E30 M42 driveshaft - $60 -E36 M3 CV driveshaft 95k miles - $100 -E30 M42 shift carrier w/ delrin busings - $20 -E30 small case 4.10 LSD. Bad bearing, otherwise great, perfect for rebuild - $150 -varous 24v water pump- brand new in box, graf metal
  4. I"m still not settled on my wheels and tires...but I gotta choose soon. The M42 is out of my E30 and the S50 is ready to go in as soon as i'm done with front subframe reinforcements!
  5. I fail to see the problem here :-p Mines going to be sans side trim and rear bumper trim.
  6. Lawd. You make me want to boost my S50 in the E30. Maybe i'll Keep the M42 and build it to toss into another 318is shell sometime in the future.
  7. Little late, but a friend of mine is organizing a little older bmw cars and coffee type event in Asheville tomorrow starting at around 9:30 The location for the gathering is the North Asheville location of Mountain Java at 870 Merrimon Avenue Asheville, NC 28804 I think we are planning on making a little parkway run while we're there as well. Hope to see you guys!
  8. Yup. Got the whole setup after somebody here offered to let me borrow then went awol. I'm located in North Wilkesboro. PM me.
  9. Wow the price on those is fantastic.
  10. Saw yours. Really can't afford it though. Thats practically my coilover setup right there :-/ ESM's are my fallback right now, I don't mind them but paying over a grand for knock offs isn't the most appealing option to me, though it may be what i have to go with.
  11. So i'm in the midst of building my E30(soon to have an upgraded NA S50) and i'm in need of some wheels, and i'm looking for suggestions. I need something fairly wide(plan to run 235's in the back), 17". I'm going to keep the car 4 lug unless I find a helluva deal on E30 M3 parts. Naturally i'm a big fan of meshies, style 5, etc, but I also like the RS-GT/lemans style wheels. Anybody have some thoughts or ideas? I'd love some 17" E39 style 5's, but its my understanding that with even the thinnest 4/5 lug adapters that they'll be stanced out like mad... :-/
  12. Ryan(with flow) told me basically the same story on his orange cammed S52 car running some random 225's.
  13. Very nice man. I can't wait to have mine done. I love your wheels btw. Want to give them to me? ;-) What sway setup and tire sizes did you go wtih?
  14. From last years pix i most definitely would have come if I had my car ready. Here's to looking forward to next year.
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