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  1. DON'T FORGET! This weekend you have a chance to get your FAST on! Don't forget to bring that friend who's convinced they could be a racecar driver! ;-) Event details and registration here: http://events.auto-x.com/event/detail/88/
  2. TSCC Points #5 Will be held July 14th at Dixie Classic Fairgrounds in Winston Salem. If you've never been to an event at Dixie, the site rocks! It's a paved figure eight that facilitates fantastic courses, features covered (shady) grand stands for spectating as well as REAL BATHROOMS! Look forward to see you all out there racing! More info and pre-registration can be found here: http://http://events.auto-x.com/event/detail/88/
  3. Registration for the TSCC Points #2 event is now open! If you pre-register for this event, you will be entered into a drawing for a free TSCC event entry! The drawing will happen at the Points #2 drivers meeting (must be present to win). The event will be held at the UNCG Park and Ride lot on the corner of Chapman St. and Lee St. in Greensboro. Across from the Greensboro Coliseum! Pre-reg and event info can be found here: http://events.auto-x...vent/detail/84/ Here's some E36 auto-x goodness incase anyone is wondering what auto-x is like.
  4. Just as the title reads.. The Triad Sports Car Club will be hosting a test and tune autocross, Sunday March 3rd in Winston Salem at LJVM Coliseum. Let's see some you prove your cars aren't just show/garage queens ;-) Event info and registration can be found here: http://events.auto-x.com/event/detail/82/
  5. TSCC Novice Steward here. We're proud to announce the club has a group on style promotion going on right now. (Only available for the next 165 hours as of 9:00am Friday the 27th) It's two event entries ($60) for $25! More then half off! Have you ever wanted to test the limits of your driving ability and your car's performance in a fun, safe environment? Then you should check out the autocross races hosted by Triad Sports Car Club! With today's deal, you get two race passes for only $25 (regular price $60). Use them both yourself, or challenge a friend or family member to beat your best
  6. Price drop...$4250 Just moved, bought another car... Need the space!!!
  7. Thank you w204guy! If you're at all in the ball park, shoot me an email. You might be surprised.
  8. Yeah, I've raced several S52/S54 swapped Ti's and owned two before this green one. Fantastic cars, great DD's and very economical in stock form (34MPG combined) and wicked quick with a 6cyl swap! But, with a E39 540i/6speed sport on the way I need to clear house a little.
  9. Also, the car is located in Greensboro, NC. Thanks for looking. If anyone has specific questions or a need for larger pictures, just email, PM, text, or call.
  10. AC blows cold Heat blows hot All electronics work Stock CD changer Within the last 7k miles the following has been installed: New rear tires, front's have ~80% life left Akebono brake pads and brembo blank rotors Bimmerworld stainless steal brake lines and super blue fluid Bilstein HD shocks with stock springs Shock top hats front and rear were both replaced with the shocks Transmission and engine mounts Front control arms and ball joints Tie rods Valve cover gasket Spark plugs and wires Head gasket and all associated seals/gaskets etc. The PO said the clutch had been rec
  11. Okay, ladies and gents. This event is just a few days away. Great weather on the radar for this weekend! Hope to see some of you there. I'll be driving a silver S52 Swapped 318Ti so look for it and ask around for me if you make it up there.
  12. If you bring a first time auto-xer with you, you will receive $10 off your entry!
  13. Come on out to our points event #8 at UNC Greensboro Park and Ride. Always a fun event that will be held in the heart of Greensboro. When: October 9th. Registration opens just before 8:00AM Where: 1720 West Lee Street, Greensboro, NC, 27403 Go here for more info and to register: http://events.auto-x.com/event/detail/64/
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