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  1. welcome to Columbia, I live DT as well...1997 328i sedan.
  2. Any recommendations for tint-shops in Columbia, SC?
  3. Anyone down for Trivia tonight at The Tin Roof DT? I should be going if anyone wants to join.
  4. returned all of the messages...do not hesitate to let me know if there are any other questions!
  5. PM'ed you, the car is still available!
  6. great camera, it was my first DSLR as well...GLWS
  7. Thanks for the input...on a side note, my parents had a late 80's 240DL turbo wagon back in the day that they drove into the ground. Great car!
  8. Bump... Replaced the battery and it fired up first time! Idles between 1000-1200 rpm steadily. Drove down the road with out any issues other than some bad steering play.
  9. How similar are the s40 and s60? I know that the s60 is the larger mid sized model. The input is appreciated!
  10. I drove the car in its current condition without any issues, the clutch is still in decent shape and the fluids would not affect the driveability of the car to west Columbia. The only thing that would slightly worry me is the broken tab on the front strut housing. I was not aware of the fact that it was broken, however I did not have any major issues as long as the car is driven carefully. I would be more than happy to show you the car in person when you had a chance to show what is going on, but a picture is below. I do have replacement bushings and sway bar end links that go with the ca
  11. I have a friend who is looking at possibly purchasing a 2004 Volvo S60. The car has right at 105,000 miles and is fully loaded. The current owner recently replaced the fuel pump, fuel pump sending modules, and brakes. Exterior is Black metallic sapphire, and the car has not been in any accidents. Asking price: $8,500 Since I am a BMW owner I do not know as much about these cars. The few questions I would have are: 1. What are the major things that go wrong with this mileage? 2. How well do the electronics hold up on these cars? 3. How often do the turbo systems need mainte
  12. Up for sale is an '84 BMW 633csi coupe. The car is currently located in Columbia, SC and I have a short time line to sell the car. I will add more details over the next few days to help outline the current condition of the car. If there are any questions about the information below please let me know! I can also be reached at loganhanes@gmail.com 1/13/11 - Replaced the battery and the car fired up first time. Drove fine other than some bad steering play. Price: $1,100 - negotiable Mileage:~212,000 miles Transmission: 5-speed manual Color: saphire-blau interior: Tan *~6 years o
  13. How about this snow? I am currently in Blythewood and moving DT in February.
  14. The Lady and Sons is excellent, the last time I was there I missed Paula Deen by a few min. However, there is a really good Oyster Bar on the water front can not remember the name.
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