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  1. kingm303

    2007 M3

    No. E46s do it in 4.8. I've seen times as low as 4.6.
  2. kingm303

    2007 M3

    Anyone else finding it hard to believe that this thing has the same 0-60 as the current M?
  3. I like the interior a bit better, but those exterior looks are going to have to grow on me for a really long time. I'm seriously not impressed. Its like the new M3 is anorexic. It's skin is sucked in in weird places. You can see bones. The hood bulge is all wrong too, looks like the car has a big zit on its nose. On the up side, the new Jag is dressed to kill.
  4. Yeh, basically. Every time i see a B5 S4 i think of this beauty that turned up on Audiworld a few years ago. http://www.audiworld.com/features/feature/robfox2.shtml
  5. I love the B5 S4s, but im not feeling those wheels. The B5 looks amazing dropped with some RS4 reps. But, as always, its just personal taste. My favorite B5 S4 configuration as far as looks goes is 18" RS4 Replicas Reiger RS4 Bumper RS4 Grille (makes a HUGE difference for such a small mod) Koni+H&R Euro Rear bumper (with partial black insert) Widebody doesnt hurt either (except the wallet)
  6. This thing has to be a joke. look at the writing on the trunk. Looks like a more elaborate version of those cardboard body kit cars people make just to screw around.
  7. What i dont get is why Italian guys put Ferrari stickers on their cars. I've seen this done more than once. To that Lexus above, and to several Toyota MR2s. Next time i see one i'm going to say something.
  8. he must have been going way too fast and braking in the middle of the turn or something, i've never seen a rwd, midengined car understeer like that!
  9. thats terrible and sloppy. who leaves wires on their dash like that??? Here are some pics i've gathered. This is the reason i have a camera phone...
  10. hopefully the upcoming graduation present...
  11. kingm303

    I want :(

    Yeh i've always liked how graphite wheels look on a blue car. But, no way am i spending $3k on wheels right now.
  12. HAHA! Nice! Love the white on the 335. Too bad traffic was backed up like that. You guys did a great job on the car, less drivetrain noise and more solid shifts.
  13. Well, actually they gave me a great deal. Employee pricing on parts & labor. Right now im driving a Toyota Camry rental. Its actually an interesting experience, driving a car with no power, no bells and whistles, no real flash, its actually relaxing in some ways. I dont have to worry about parking perfectly, getting scratches, or getting looks from rice rockets who want to get beaten. But, I still want my M3 back.
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