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  1. HID's will be thrown out 6/1 if no one wants them before then.
  2. Shift knob gone!! HID bulbs still available.
  3. Hey guys, cleaning out the shed yesterday I found some parts from the BMW that I missed when I sold it. So up for grabs, completely free of charge are the following. OEM HID Phillips Bulbs (D2S?) - removed in working condition with around 43k miles and swapped with 6k bulbs from my 2002 325Ci. Current condition, unknown and unable to test. They look good and have been in storage for the last few years, If you want to give them a shot it's up to you. ACS shift knob. Looking rough, but all there. If you want to refinish it, go for it. Local pickup around my place please. Message or em
  4. Sorry guys, been a while. Sways are SOLD. All parts SOLD. Nothing left. I thought I edited the thread back when I sold them.
  5. Awesome! Now you can buy my sway bars! hahaha
  6. I talked to the S. Tryon location today and they were very helpful and replaced the passenger window tint no questions asked free of charge. I wish I would have went to that location from the beginning. Finally everything is resolved. Thanks for your advice!
  7. Well I went back to Concord again today. After talking to them yesterday he insisted that I let him try to do it right so I set up a time today for him to try again. I initially went there see if they'd just give me a refund so I could go elsewhere and I'd razor off the tint right in front of them. I felt ridiculous even asking that, but that's about how fed up I was. Like I figured, they refused a refund. I can say finally the driver's side window *so far* looks damn near perfect. The passenger window has me skeptical though. I already see a few areas that concern me, in addition to what mi
  8. Just a heads up to hopefully save any of you the trouble. Don't even bother going to Sunstoppers in Concord for tint. I've had every vehicle I've owned since age 16 tinted, and have never had to deal with these issues before. What a waste of time and money these people have been. I recently had the front windows of my truck tinted by Sunstoppers in Concord, NC. A few days after I got home, I noticed several horizontal scratches down the drivers side window, like the hard card was damaged or the shop towels had dirt in them which damaged the tint. Also, the passenger window had a few areas wit
  9. Found this the other day... don't really have a need for it anymore. Bently E46 Repair Manual - Used, in fair shape, nothing missing. - $30
  10. Just throwing this out there for a sound deadening project I've thought about with my new vehicle. I remember my E46 had that thick rubber mat/insulation under the carpet and backseats that a lot of people like to remove for weight savings or whatever other reason. If anyone has any laying around that's not water logged or anything, or plans on removing theirs, let me know and instead of trashing it I'd be interested in taking it off your hands. Thanks!
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