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  1. Bump! Tomorrow night will be our monthly gathering at 6pm. 440 Springbrook Rd. Charlotte, NC 28217
  2. We host a monthly car meet and cookout (hence the 'meat' in meat and chill) inviting everyone out to our shop to grill and check out cool cars. We would love to see you out there on the last Tuesday of the month from 6 o'clock on at 440 Springbrook Rd. Charlotte, NC 28217 Here are a couple photos and videos from our last couple events:
  3. Thanks to Patrick Evans Visuals for the awesome video from our first Meat & Chill last night. Join us the last Tuesday of every month to hang out, relax, and check out some awesome cars.
  4. We would like to introduce the Eurowise Audi R8 Twin Turbo V8 Kit! Producing +200hp / +160tq @ 5.5psi boost over stock. OEM driveability, safe reliable tuning and hardware. Turn key kits starting at $26,999 fully installed and tuned at our facility in Charlotte, NC. In addition free vehicle shipping one way in the U.S.A! Each kit is 100% hand built & tuned in house to ensure perfect fitment and quality. If you're interested in a setup email us at info@eurowise.com http://www.eurowise.com Free vehicle pickup and installation in the USA at our facility to ensure professional and reli
  5. We had this modified B5 A4 in for an air ride install last week. This car has been in for modifications and service many times and we’re always glad to see it come back. The owner chose to go with a quality kit from Air Lift Performance utilizing their 3P digital air management system. Check out a video of the install and the finished product here.
  6. Two of the highlights of last week were the completion our Ferrari 458 exhaust build and a Gundo Hack performed on a Porsche 911. The Ferrari was being outfitted with our custom made exhaust system (More info here) and having the ECU’s tuned accordingly to compensate for the improved airflow. The car sounds fantastic and turns heads everywhere it goes. The gundo hack performed on many 911’s consists of welding in an additional pipe to both mufflers in between the outlet and the muffler itself to increase flow and volume. This results in a much nicer deep and throatier tone without compromi
  7. Today at Eurowise we have a few different types of projects going on. Our in-house custom fabricated exhaust is having the finishing touches done to it so that it can be mounted in it’s new home on this V10 powered Audi R8. Check out the size difference between the stock exhaust and our product. We are also fabricating another custom skid plate for an E36 today. This time it is being installed on a very clean and unmolested 325is. The owner has big plans for the car including Broadway Static coilovers in the near future. At the compound today the engine is being removed from a Bentley Cont
  8. Today at Eurowise we have a diverse range of projects going on. The chrome blue Lamborghini Aventador has been disassembled to begin work on our Lamborghini Performance Exhaust system. (More info here) We will be releasing a video of the entire process very soon so stay tuned! An awesome dakar yellow E36 M3 is getting a custom fabricated skid-plate today as it’s new owner begins putting his personal touches on the car. We have several routine maintenance projects in the shop this week including a haldex refresh on a Mark V R32, oil change on an Audi A6, and a pair of Audi S5’s in for gene
  9. Today we installed a collection of performance parts on this brand new 2016 Audi SQ5. We started by removing the oem exhaust system and removing the oem front brakes. The next step was to replace the oem front brakes with the Brembo Gran Turismo Big Brake Kit featuring 380mm drilled rotors. By utilizing larger calipers and discs, thermal capacity and brake torque is increased. This kit is a great option for vehicles that see a mixture of street and track use while maintaining functional ABS and traction control systems. After that we began removing the underbody panels so that we could beg
  10. Another Eurowise 458 exhuast built and installed on this clients 458 spider from California
  11. We have received a 2010 Audi R8 V8 6 speed in to build a Twin Turbo system. We have plans to replicate the kit and sell on the market once tested and completed. With the prices of these exotic cars coming down and the lack thereof power from the power train stock ( whopping 349whp ) We are testing the markets on an affordable entry level Twin Turbo system. Target pricing around $25,000 or less! Stay tuned for updates! info@eurowise.com if you have any detailed questions
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