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  1. Thanks... I'd like it lower, but 1) I don't feel like rolling the fenders, and 2) It wouldn't be practical as a daily driver.
  2. I'll update this thread with pics as I f*** up this car. First shoot with it today... Storm was moving in and I was losing light fast, but I'm still happy to have some shots of it:thumbup: First Photoshoot by Raleigh Unseen Photography, on Flickr First Photoshoot by Raleigh Unseen Photography, on Flickr First Photoshoot by Raleigh Unseen Photography, on Flickr First Photoshoot by Raleigh Unseen Photography, on Flickr First Photoshoot by Raleigh Unseen Photography, on Flickr
  3. I have no use for this anymore, but figured someone else out there might. It is a Versahaul VH-Sport carrier, and it is rated to carry a bike weighing up to 600lbs. I've used it a few times and it works like a champ. Takes two people to put a bike on (can use one person if you are super careful), but 1 person can easily unload a bike from it. I'll take some pics of mine tonight, but it's in great condition. All the specs can be found at their website: | Versahaul It retails for 415$, but I'll let it go for 250$ and throw in 4 tie down ratchet straps, the anti-tilt bracket for the carrier,
  4. Hahaha, didn't even notice the date... so things round here have been slow? haha
  5. Haven't had it dyno'd, but other cars with the same mods put down 270hp(crank)/335 ft/lbs
  6. Wheelies at high speeds are actually very stable, especially once you hit balancing point. That's the scariest part of wheelies... when you enter balancing point the bike becomes "weightless" and feels like you are going to tip over backwards until you get used to it.
  7. I am desperately in need of some upgrades to the audio system in my GTI. I just bought an Uberstealth Underfloor sub box with a Memphis Audio 10" 15-MR10D4 subwoofer. I am looking at the Focal access line 3-way's to replace the doors. I'll get an LCQ-1 to run the system with the stock head unit since I have the OEM navigation, but I'm not sure what amp to run. I've been told I need a five channel, and I've been told I need a 3 channel amp. Also, If ANYONE in the triangle area is familiar with installing these things, I'd love to get some help. I keep getting quotes ranging from 900$
  8. Haha thanks... That's from when I was on the boards in 2008... forgot about that s***.
  9. Hmmm... that's odd... the pictures work on my browser...
  10. Hey everyone! I'm not sure if anyone I knew from the old Carolina Euro group is still around, but I'm Cameron. I drove a 2007 black GTI back in 2008 when I used to hang out with the group. I eventually traded that in for a truck, but just got back into a 2006 GTI. Figured I'd say hello and see if there is anyone left in the triangle area. Here are the specs on the new ride: 2006 GTI (2 door) United Gray DSG Leather/OEM Nav Mods: B&G RS2 Coilovers 3" Catless Down Pipe mated to an APR Stealth Cat-back exhaust Stage II APR programming EVOMS intake Black Forest Industr
  11. Hey man, I love my koni fsd's. They are tighter than stock, but the way they are engineered is great. They tighten up when you hit bumps, but are pretty soft when you are just cruisin down the highway... I absolutely love them.
  12. Yea I agree, it's a pretty hideous car Toxic- Yup, it was an SE-R and like you i'd never seen anyone mod those things past replacing Cams.... at the most. When my car was stock i ran against a sentra se-r with cams/headers/exhaust/intake and some kind of computer tune and still put a car length on him. I thought the turbo would do a lot better, possibly even beat me, but oh well.
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