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  1. http://parts4euro.com/konzept-automobiltechnik-style-front-bumper-with-center-mesh-grille-fog-grilles-p-1603.html
  2. trunks

    Need Vag Com

    Check www.parts4euro.com
  3. http://parts4euro.com/osir-design-telson-spoiler-p-864.html
  4. oh s*** man, that looks dope.. where did you order it from? i'm about to pull the trigger on it from www.parts4euro.com .. LOVE the way it looks~
  5. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, just wondering if anyone ever installed this on their e46.. if so, how hard it was it to do? http://www.parts4euro.com/konzept-automobiltechnik-e46-csl-carbon-fiber-rear-trunk-for-sedan-p-2382.html
  6. trunks


    thanks so much man, have you heard of parts4euro? they look pretty legit and have a ton of products for our cars.. and by harsh, you mean good? LOL
  7. trunks


    a friend is looking into getting this set... too expensive? http://www.parts4euro.com/automotive-streetline-coilover-kit-for-mk2-mk3-corrado-p-882.html
  8. random question, sorry.. i tried searching google for more results.. thought i'd come here has anyone ever ran this setup? http://www.parts4euro.com/forge-motorsport-forge-vag-k03-longitudinal-18t-adjustable-actuator-p-1497.html
  9. hi all, just wondering if anyone ever ran these on their cars? http://www.parts4euro.com/lucid-error-high-power-led-license-plate-light-bulbs-p-754.html
  10. has anyone ever used this to spruce up the interior of the car.. http://www.parts4euro.com/decorator-customs-universal-car-interior-exterior-red-molding-trim-yards-p-2505.html
  11. hi all, just wondering if anyone ran these? http://www.parts4euro.com/helix-style-led-code-smoked-projector-headlights-for-passat-p-2548.html
  12. trunks

    Fender Grille

    oh nice! thanks for the heads up
  13. trunks

    Fender Grille

    hi all, just looking for some advice how hard is this to install? http://www.parts4euro.com/revozport-revozport-carbon-fender-grill-for-bmw-e63-p-2406.html
  14. hi all, just looking for some upgrades regarding my fogs on my mk3 would anyone recommend these? http://www.parts4euro.com/helix-crystal-black-bumper-glass-fog-light-kit-p-452.html
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