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    1997 328i, 2003 325i

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    Queidersbach, Germany
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    Driving fast, lying under my bimmers on my garage floor, spending time with my wife, watching the Panthers and Braves, cooking in the kitchen or on the 'que', brewing beer, drinking some good vino. Basically, too many hobbies!
  1. ^^^ That was funny! Not sure everyone will get it though....
  2. Nice pics! We drove through Bern just a couple of weeks ago on our way to Interlaken.....isn't it beautiful? And it wasn't even spring yet. It's really getting nice now!
  3. So why do I love living in Germany? Reserved a car at Hertz....needed a full-size for my co-worker and me to drive to Grafenwoehr tomorrow. They give me a Mercedes C220 CDI, pretty damn sweet. Not a Chevy Impala or a Nissan Maxima, it's a Mercedes and for a diesel, it hauls a**!!!!
  4. Oh, BTW....I think you'll fit in quite nicely in Sumter if you're titling your post with 'form' instead of 'from'....yee-haw! Let's go kick the s*** out of someone at the Sumter Mall tonight!!!!
  5. Did you see the ICE train? It was during the first part of the video and is white. That's the European bullet train. It's fast as hell, similar to the shinkansen in Japan....300+ kph. I've been on both...orgasmic and sooooo quite.
  6. Willkommen! I transferred here from Shaw....didn't live in Scumter though...LOL!
  7. Where you going? We were in Interlaken a couple of weekends ago. Wow! Lucked out on some perfect weather and the skiing was pristine.
  8. My wife and I are headed to Tossa de Mar, Spain on the east coast in May. Then in September, we're going to do ten days in Greece. Germany's a great central place to be for traveling around Europe. Perhaps I should post up pictures I take with my D80?
  9. My wife and I went to a culinary expo a couple of weekends ago in Pirmasens which is about 20km south of us and guess what a dealer had parked out on the sidewalk? Three Maserati's and a couple of these. Thought I was going to dehydrate from drooling so much!
  10. Very nice, been everywhere but the Rome area. Love Florence...it's my favorite place to visit in Italy personally. Venice was overpriced IMO. What about Belgium?
  11. Wow! Now that's something to be proud of!!! Kudos!
  12. I really think they fit well. Ditto on the cleaning though.
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