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  1. I sure can. You will have on here shortly.
  2. Cant go wrong with HRE Modulare COR or Forgeline either.. We carry these as well.
  3. Send us an email with the wheel your interested in and the size your looking for so we can get you some good pricing
  4. Here is a link to the gallery of this vehicle. We also installed a Milltek exhaust. http://gmpperformance.com/index.cfm?pg=carGallery&makerID=15&mode=displayVehicle&VID=3929
  5. We recently did the ECU Tuning Group (ETG) Software and pulley upgrade on a 2013 XKRS maybe a few weeks ago and our client was very impressed. If your interested in pricing for the product and installation let us know and we will gladly take good care of you The price of the package for the XKRS ran about $2000.
  6. I have 5 BBS Forged RSGT's for sale. 19x8.5 ET38 5x112 57.1 4 Wheels have been refurbished to brand new status. (havent even been assembled yet awaiting for the buyer to choose his own finish prior to shipping. As you can see below the lips have been machined to brand new status and the barrels have been powder coated silver. The centers are stripped awaiting the color of your choice. 5th wheel was bent on the outer machined lip and during the attempt to save its life it cracked on the outside so it still holds air but should be used only in emergency situations as spare to get you to the ne
  7. Hello 2013 981 Boxster/S Owners, As the exclusive speedART importers for North America and authorized installation center for all speedART Porsche products, we are proud to announce the new speedART SP81-R Tuning Program for the 2013 981 Boxster and Boxster S. The Boxster has come a long way since its introduction to the US in the late 90's and this new one is the best one yet. Below you will find the list of new products from an all new exterior styling kit and wheels for the new 981. We are now accepting orders with reasonable lead times and fast shipping from Germany. A few words fr
  8. Hello Volksboy80, I apologize on behalf of our staff here if this is true that you came into our showroom and waited for an hour with out anyone asking if you were being helped. There is "usually" 2 to 4 members of our sales staff in the show room at all times so we can help walk in's and people with appointments. Feel free to give me a call if you would like to discuss it further as I would like to get it resolved so that it doesn't happen again.
  9. Good Morning, Sorry to see that you will not be taking advantage of this awesome certificate, but we will honor the certificate whoever comes in to the shop with it. Whoever takes it off your hand, please give us a call to talk about your alignment needs so we can schedule you an appointment. Cars with OE camber/castor adjustments, please plan on it taking approximately 2 hrs to do the job and cars with aftermarket adjustable camber/castor suspension upgrades it can take up to 3 or more hours to complete. We do offer transportation back to your office/home/mall/movies etc. in the Charlotte/Nor
  10. Hey Bud, I personally have an A3 but there are a lot of Audi enthusiasts in Charlotte. Its one of our most popular brands that come through our shop. What year and model Audi do you have? There is a local VW/Audi Club called CH11 Dubs. We meet 2 tuesdays every month and we travel to car shows and have BBQ's annually for all members
  11. This. I would also ask him where he gets the replacement parts from? I would just have them painted locally. Faster turn around time and as long as you don't spray them with wheel cleaner when you go to clean them and you will be just fine. Even power coat wont hold up to wheel cleaners or brake dust build up.
  12. Why dont you come check us out @ GMP Performance... We recently had the brand new state of the art Hunter Elite system installed in December. What year and model Audi do you have? feel free to send me an email with your car info including all suspension upgrades so we can quote you accurately. Depending on the upgrades you have such as ajustible control arms (which you seem to have) and camber plates will pretty much determine how close to factory spec (assuming that's what your looking for, we can provide track day set ups too)
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