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  1. SOLD. Thanks Jim! Yea, e90 or e60 up next...
  2. How is everyone? It's been a while since I've roamed these boards...hope all is well! Getting rid of the weekend warrior and moving up to something with more room. $17k, 87k miles. Full list of suspension/aesthetic enhancements available upon request. All routine maintenance and custom work completed by Eurowise. Text 704.502.6211 with any questions for immediate response.
  3. Not adjustable...ST2220L (lower pic) is 15", E228WFP is 16".
  4. Perfect condition. Asking 100 each. Will deliver anywhere. Stock photos below...will take pics of actual items upon request. Models: E228WFP and ST2220L Shoot me an email or PM with any questions.
  5. We're moving and don't have room for either of these at our new place... 450 400
  6. I need (4) 15mm spacers for an e46 M. My 20mm spacers are complete with extended bolts. Or...if you have them, I need some OEM length bolts.
  7. No, you don't need the extender if everything will be line of sight. If that's the case, get the Harmony One, same design as the 900 but only infrared (line of sight). If you have crawlspace directly under the room, then wires can easily be fished up inside the walls, no need to carpet fish. As long as you're using and HDMI cable, a blu-ray player will upconvert (increase quality) DVDs. A blu-ray player will usually play any disc you throw at it... CD, DVD, VCD, etc.. so you don't have to replace your existing DVD collection, just start buying blu-ray...or I recommend streaming all your
  8. Sorry it's took so long for me to chime in...I do this type of thing for a living so I can give you some direction. Don't buy the 900, the range on it sucks! It will constantly disconnect from it's RF blaster. Buy the 1100 with the RF extender/base station...different from the blaster. Concealing wires? Crawlspace or attic access? Slab...with carpet or hardwoods? BTW, get rid of the DVD/VCR and pick up a blu-ray with WiFi.....or an Apple TV.
  9. You'll take a taxi to the club next time....
  10. Ouch! So glad you're still here with us....I don't think Hendrick could live w/o you!
  11. Like new...purchased 1/22. Just updated to iOS 4.3. Comes with everything...box, manuals, stickers, power cord, cleaning cloth....and I'm throwing in the Apple iPad case free of charge. It's been in the case since day one...no scratches, drops, scuffs. Flawless.
  12. http://forums.carolinaeuros.com/index.php?showtopic=6410&st=0&p=88303&hl=+we%20+stretch%20+tires&fromsearch=1entry88303
  13. Please use the search button instead of creating a thread for a question that has been asked a million times....(got it?) Or better yet, click one of the sponsor banners at the top of the page....
  14. Welcome aboard! As a forum, we rarely meet up. C&C this Saturday at Northlake. WFC on 4/2 at Eurowise will be the next big event around.
  15. I love gold with polished lip...will be my next combo.
  16. Now if only I could get Sarah to help me in the garage!!!! Good stuff Jerm!
  17. Did you not read my reply PM? I asked Cosmo to let me take that M3 I was interested in down to Eurowise and he shot that idea down REAL quick. Next thing I know, the car was stranded on the side of the road after some kid bought it w/o a PPI...
  18. Careful with Cosmo.... Have you seen the car in person? Spoke with Cosmo, himself? PM me for further details.
  19. What happens if I click one of the sponsor banners at the top of this page???
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