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  1. I have a set of 4 used 18" Michelin Pilot Super Sports in the following sizes: (2) 245/40/18 (7-8/32 left) (2) 265/40/18 (5-6/32 left) Asking: $300/set. I have a set of 4 19" Conti SportContact 3's in the following sizes: (2) 245/35/19 (2) 265/35/19 This set has less than 500 miles on them Asking: $650
  2. Didn't Kinesis get bought out by Asanti or something?
  3. Nice... had a set on my old VW... Good price compared to what they go for new... (and from the picture 65 feet away)
  4. Nope, need more than just the tip...
  5. No he never answered my replies.... I bought the wheels with tires for much less than he was asking for just the wheels...
  6. Yeah... worst seller ever, but it is what it is...
  7. Already has H&R sports... ~2" drop
  8. Yeah, figured I would tone it down for a couple years with the new house and all... Chances are the next car will be a CTS-V wagon or M4 of some sort... Still need to haul the dog around...
  9. Since you have been in sales, you should know that the hours suck, the pay is not consistant, and pay scale can change at any given time... But, play your cards right and you could make a ton of money... By the way, use me as a reference
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