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  1. This happened the Day I got my Boxster. I drove down to Gastonia to see a friend and show off the new ride. On the way home I was in the slow lane moving with traffic, a kid in a Cobalt SS pulls right up next to me and starts revving like mad. He wanted to race so bad he decided to start without me. I didn't engage him because I didnt have anything to prove other than his loan is bigger than mine (love used cars with big appeal and little prices). could I have beaten him? on paper perhaps but its my license to lose and I just got the Porsche.
  2. 2001 Boxster. Ill get more photos soon but Im going out for a drive.
  3. C6 A6 here I've had it about two years, I've only changed the rear sway bar. The car is damn near perfect otherwise.
  4. James you have now been ruined for all other interiors.
  5. Mocked up for spring length measurement.
  6. Touareg tdi If you are leasing. it will have lots of toys, and they look the business.
  7. I'm glad you are enjoying her.
  8. I finally have a Saab in my garage!!!!! It was a challenge getting her home but she is here. As I found her a quick bath and she looked 1000% better. the truck got stuck trying to scale the drive we had to get a second truck to get it up the drive. btw yes thats a 58k 99 turbo interior home at long last
  9. I saw and am excited to see it. However I am taking delivery of mine this weekend and will be posting lots of too big photos.
  10. I'm keeping my Audi so don't worry too much about my sanity. I just bought a 1978 Saab 99 turbo set up for autocross racing. Below is a photo the seller provided from the last race the car attended. I'm excited to have a dedicated race car that was top of its class.
  11. The SCCA will have a display at auto fair this coming weekend we have some open spots if someone is interested in showing their car. Please contact me via PM or go to http://ccrscca.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=solo2&action=display&thread=5496
  12. Certain part numbers are for certain years of car and aren't too compatible with different era cars. Like on my c5 the DVD drive is a 4e0
  13. I'll send you high res with my logo
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