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  1. If you are going to have work done on it then I'd go to http://www.driveshaftshop.com/. I was going through axles on an old volvo @ 600hp and they modfied one from an SUV for me. Eurowise if you can use an OEM one but not if there is cutting involved.
  2. It is cultish... It's not a MB competitor since they are so different but I am very impressed with the car and the little blown 4 banger.
  3. R_Rated

    ECU Tunes

    Where to look in Charlotte outside of APR? 2.0T Thanks
  4. You're doing it wrong. Time to bring this to the East Coast...
  5. Its our first major purchase since being married so I made her a part of it since we're a team now... pulled the trigger on an old A4 this afternoon... the manual got sold right after I left the dealer :/ 8 speed, Premium Plus, sport package with S-line bumpers. Awful stereo and great gas mileage(4 cylinder) + cheap cost & 4 doors.
  6. In negotiating with dealers and my wife... the search has taken a lot of interesting turns. One thing that has been so frustrating is the ignorance of all but a single sales person I have spoken with. No knowledge of inventory, what is included in what packages, what changes were made in what years for models, pricing, etc. The sales people have added no value and its far more educational to sit at home and look on their website since they all want you to sit down as they fumble into an old computer that takes forever to boot and ask you a bunch of redundant questions to enter in your info
  7. Anyone else with kids have a coupe with back seat as a daily driver? How did you sell it to your wife? How often do you wish you had a sedan, suv, etc?
  8. The sole reason I didn't pull the trigger on a 355 last year.
  9. Choices of: (2014) Mercedes E350 (2013) BMW 535i (2013) Audi A6 3.0T Criteria is that it is a second car and will be used for clients, errands and road trips. Quiet cabin is essential and it needs to age gracefully since it will be around for ~8 years. Reliability, gas mileage, comfort etc. Sportiness is nice but secondary since I'll likely be on the phone and have a couple other cars to drive for pleasure. Would really like an S550 or B7 but the price is too close to a 911 and I'd rather drive a honda + 911 if that was in the cards financially - it's just not. Thoughts?
  10. I can take pics but they are unmodified and look just like any others you can see on the web.
  11. Does anyone in the local charlotte area have plastidip experience? It seems like a pretty simple procedure - but I'd rather do it with someone that's done it before if possible. Sorry for the mis-spelling in title...
  12. Receiver is a 3310ci. -7.1 preamp -7 channnel amp -3 Zone capability -36 bit processor -DTS-HD -Plug and play home theater receiver -4 HDMI -Ethernet Blu Ray DBP-1611-UP - up converts to 1080 -Ethernet with netflix, etc. 700 obo for both with 3 HDMI cables, remotes, etc. Denon DVD player 50 bucks. (was $1,000 new)
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