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  1. This is a 1991 Golf GTi 16v. Very clean car and interior. Runs very well. Most fun on 4 wheels. Handles like a go cart. It's a GOOD Throwback to simpler times with it's Manual windows and Sunroof. Light weight and well balanced. No mechanical issues. Normal wear and tear on the body for it's age. Again, not perfect, but very nice. This is a DRIVER'S CAR meaning it's meant to drive and look good doing so. Starts up quick, runs strong and smooth. Great for a daily or weekend toy Tornado Red, 5 speed, New Battery and ignition switch Bilstein Sport Shocks 15x8 Miro Wheels Weighted Short Throw Shi
  2. Use the age and patina to your benefit. make it a nice cruiser that sits, runs and drives nice but tells its story of the decades
  3. I took a week to ship a set of wheels to Cali, about a week and a half to get a set back from there for me
  4. Can't see the 964, but at this point its a huge maybe! The M3 is a rare beast
  5. I finally had to accept that my 190E 2.3-16v project was WAY over my head and needed more time, money and work than I could afford to give it so I sucked it up and traded it for this. A 1991 MKII GTi 16V. I really good shape overall. Engine runs well, shifts well and even has a short throw shifter installed. Only a couple of cosmetic related things needed overall. Looking forward to enjoying this one. I had an 89 GTi years ago and loved it so we'll see. If you're interested here are some pics: Definitely need to change the bubble tires first and then lower it
  6. Does anyone have a Mercedes type spring compressor they would be willing to loan or rent me for a couple of days?
  7. I like it. Very Understatedly Agressive
  8. I was thinking similar. The XKRs are really nice and powerful. If not, E92 335i
  9. Thank you for deciding to keep this going. I was able to locate the video of the fool in the Mustang. Its a shame! I set up a lot of events (not car related) and I can understand a concern for safety, but I am glad to see you're still keeping this going. So much diversity of cars, cultures, backgrounds should be seen and enjoyed. Hopefully no more "Crackhead" drivers will spoil what is a TRULY beautiful event!!! Hope to see you guys there
  10. I'm glad to offer my "keep your Euro blown out" services if you are too busy
  11. WOW! But did you notice the guys that had their phones out never even ATTEMPTED to help? Just turned around and went back to them... That was crazy! Brakes locked and lost all steering
  12. BUMP for reduced price!!
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