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  1. The E36 reman stuff is warrantied for 3months, not lifetime. Advance does 1 year.
  2. Get the best of all and find any year TDI?
  3. Is one of the front brake lines pinched in the suspension when you lower the car?
  4. Welcome to Columbia. What brought you this way?
  5. I haven't tried the route planning yet, The app on the phone seems to be the same thin app, so I guess this would be on their website. I need to check it out more, it would help motivate me I think.
  6. The time Trial event at the performance center, we had 3 in the car and were just goofing around with the camera. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pwj2-mm--Qw
  7. I've been using endomondo for a few months and it has been great for me. knowing how far you have actually gone is great, I was surprised to find that many trails have their mile markers off by a lot! What do you use it for? I've tracked runs and bike rides. I just downloaded the upgrade yesterday, i am interested in the route planning improvement.
  8. I ran into Ryan and Kyle at the festival, and they steered me back to CE. It has been a long while since I was last here. All the cars looked great and the Performance center is something else, worth the trip all on it's own. I met some great folks at the show and really had a great time, if you couldn't go this year be sure to make plans for next year!
  9. Do you have the tools? I need to do mine.
  10. I am going to need to check that out. Somehow I usually just fall for the firesale.
  11. I have some mk3 gti 2.0 wheels, 14x6. Like these.
  12. shofast


    This is topic that is all over the place, lots of people think ethanol is terrible stuff in fuel. Plus there are lots of political reasons for it being there. Basically there are 3 types of fuel/gasoline. Stuff like you found with 0 ethanol. Normal gas which some people call e10 - up to 10% ethanol. This is what most places sell as regular/plus/premium. E85 - you need to have a "flexfuel" (or tuned) vehicle to be able to run this. For the normal person getting gas, you can use either of the top 2 without knowing any difference in your car/truck/lawnmower.
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