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  1. Do you still have these and will they fit A 08' 335? Thanks Jeff
  2. I have a friend that bent two wheels on a big pothole. He has the 8 spoke factory wheels. Need either 2 wheels or a set. Any style with or without tires may work. Thanks, Jeff
  3. Usually you will only need to replace one to keep it far enough away. There is a "bungee cord" repair to make sure the top comes all the way forward also. Call me for parts if needed.
  4. It is always fun to figure out a problem yourself. If you hve any problems with the top hitting the hatch call me and i can give you some help on fixing it yourself also.
  5. I can give you a hand. I am at USA AUTO SALES, 2504 BROAD RIVER RD. 608-1622 is my cell. Jeff
  6. I repaired the "Money Shift" On this car about 2 years ago and he has not really driven it since. Not a bad car but as stated, not 350hp. The owner is a "good old country boy" that knows a lot about 4x4 but not BMW's.
  7. I know a BMW customer that keeps several on his car lot. He brags about 40-45 mpg all the time. His website is IRMOCARS.COM. He is a very good dealer and makes sure his cars are as close to 100% as possible. Jeff
  8. Found this on AllExpert.com, a auto repair help forum. Enjoy QUESTION: Followed your suggestion, I went to a local Autozone. They have my car diagnosed and get the code for me. The code is P0441. I was told that the problem is some kind of vacuum leak. I have no idea my car has a vacuum. Do I need any further diagnose of my car? Is this something I can fix myself? Any advice is highly appreciated!
  9. BAD745i

    M6 or M3?

    Looking at wholesale prices the 09 M3 should sell for @$55-58k w/5k miles, 07 M6 @$48-52k w/15-20k miles, 08 M3 @$48-52k w/10-20k miles
  10. BAD745i

    M6 or M3?

    I would have a hard time making this decision also. The raw power of the v10 is addicting in so many ways, gas milage and future out of warranty repairs are the down side. I have not driven the new M3 but those who have love it. my dad read a recent comparsion test with the corvrtte, porsche and several others with the M3 placing first. Good luck and enjoy both test drives.
  11. I have a pretty good following of customers and 5 car lots that will give me all there BMW's and other makes if needed. I have found the perfect shop with decent rent. Now to get some capital and get things rolling. I know it will not be easy just as Karl has stated when you put the customers first but I am tired of working for shops that try to milk customers for every dollar for repairs that are marginal at best and some that are not even necessary. The shop I work for several years ago recently did a oil change on a 01 325i which she just bought and charged her for 9 quarts of oil. They onl
  12. After not being current on my pay for over 5 months except for one week which I swap a trade-in for two weeks pay, I am no longer at The Gourmet Garage. I do not have any current plans, deciding between working on opening my own shop or possibly working for another shop. Would prefer to do my own thing, We will see how things work out in the coming weeks.
  13. I would install a better ratio rack and pinion unit. That first turn was a lot of turning.
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