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  1. if only my car had been ready and was able to make it to streetwars to join our euro group....we had a great time. :thumbsup2: .... the shop is up to something.... .... and in other GRUPPE TITAN project news....
  2. how did you know? there is a special spot for hello kitty too. lol. things are moving along.... i really like how the steering wheel turned out as well. thanks, man. .... quick cell phone pic sent to me late yesterday (mon):
  3. finally, new set of wheels to get tires mounted and balanced i was able to swing by the shop today but i was in a bit of a rush so i didn't get to take a lot of pics nor really good ones. but you get the idea i figure. varis rear end diffuser the cf weave is nearly perfect but will need some attention. this piece will get a few good coats of clear then be covered with ppf. the unfinished side will be sealed. current state of affairs random pic of shop owner's new pup. i didn't mean to use the flash when taking the pic "mea culpa, mea
  4. i have some pics that are much better ones of the steering wheel. these were not taken by me. they were taken prior to the wheel's being shipped to me a while back.
  5. varis rear end diffuser arrived just now. the box made it from japan to pa in 2 days. in early march, i placed the order and varis gave an estimated ship date of 3/30. i am truly impressed and amazed that they were able to keep that ship date in light of the consequences of the tsunami and earthquake. their customer service is unparalleled in terms of communication as well: they told me within 24-48 hours of the tragic events that they would maintain the original completion and ship date. the shop sent me phone pics. the box's condition made me a bit anxious. but it is a ver
  6. werd...werd (the way monk says it). lol. my contribution to "negativity" is from personal experience as well as that of those close to me. a lot of the bashing of vf and hpf stems from blabbing by fanboys and e-thugs who think they can say whatever they want when behind a keyboard. to be honest, the crap i see on e46f reminds me of nceuro in many ways....and the nonsense is not limited to e46f; you see it on bf.c, m3f, etc. but i do not expect much from most of the folks on car forums. i am not here to defend vf. i will be the first to point out the issues i have had. but
  7. sorry for the late reply. we are looking to be done in time for streetwars (first big event in this area and it is for raising money for breast cancer awareness) on 4/17. i hope so too that i can enjoy the car this spring and summer. i don't have much time so it will mainly be on days of events. i have pushed my work schedule to an average of 110 hours a week. until last weekend, i can't remember the last time i took a day off. BUT i will take a couple of days off in april and may to attend events. sorry too for the late reply. i want to see her in person when she is done to
  8. yeah....i am glad at least one person thinks he is a stand up guy....and in all seriousness, i am glad and relieved that you have had a positive experience with hpf. i really am. my personal experience is: 1. he approached me about getting hpf kit for my car when they were first gonna release them. his approach was very shady imo. that is a long story 2. i got slammed many times by hpf fanboys on forums for having vf s/c. that is all fine and dandy b/c somehow even more immaturity on car forums exists in the f/i sections. but when i found out about the origin of all this, well, my o
  9. because, as i have said before, i will NEVER EVER buy anything from hpf...not even a darn bolt. even if they paid me extra on top of a free kit (stage 3, 4, or whatever), free install, and free two-way shipping, i wouldn't do it. i have known hpf for a while. they are so classless that it is beyond me. i have certain standards for folks with whom i associate or do business; hpf simply does not meet those standards. now, folks (particularly hpf fanboys) have told me that i am just saying this b/c i went with a s/c and don't have the funds to get an hpf kit....
  10. things continue to move along: -ss v2 stepped headers are off to get ceramic coating on both inside and outside. -zionsville competition cooling kit with center 16" spal has been ordered -bimmerworld oil cooler with an fittings arrived on monday -paintwork is being finished up -hood vent project's mock up is being worked on
  11. nice. regarding the wagon, i must be losing my mind....or it is lack of sleep. i think it is both. my bad now, just ship that wagon to me....
  12. wait! i must be missing something. when did you get a wagon? yeah...loophole....
  13. yesterday, i ordered supersprint v2 stepped headers to replace the bhs headers. once they arrive, i plan on having them ceramic coated.
  14. thanks. when i saw them in person finally, i was impressed with them. can't wait to have all 4 mounted with tires and installed on the car. i think just about any wheels will look good on your car. you can never go wrong with lms....of course, i am biased. there are so many wheel choices....if you are thinking of forgelines, i can see if i can get some discount for ya....wheels are one of the toughest decisions imo. good luck with deciding!
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