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  1. Hey Guys, I'm back. I'm still rocking the Vette but I'm reaching out to my old stomping grounds for some help. A good friend of mine who helped me throughout law school has a son who is in a competition to win free braces. He is a little behind and the voting stops at 5pm EST so your help is much appreciated. If you could click on the link below (Takes you to Facebook) and scroll down and click on "Mary Beth Thrower" and vote for William Thrower I would be very thankful. Takes about 20 seconds. Thank you again for your time and help! Ryan https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cresc
  2. Doc, I told you to not to share our buisness opportunities with other people dammit.
  3. Doc, they sure are getting alot bigger!
  4. Check out Bluemoon2222's M3 for sale. Best E36 on the market hands down.
  5. "Everybody has been so nice to me" "That's because you have big tits" Sorry, lame Liar Liar quote.... welcome to the board.
  6. I can attest to the serious attention to detail and maintance Bryan puts into all his cars. He is a stand up, honest guy and this car is in excellent shape minus the age appropriate rock chips. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this car from him any bit. Good luck with the sale, you getting a g8? I bet you are seeing how much you loved working on the ls1!
  7. I bet he has more interceptions than touchdowns this year. If you want to compare apples to apples look at other "top" qb...Vince Young...bust. Jamarcus Russel...bust...Ryan Leaf...huge bust. The guys you mentioned played and still play with a chip on their shoulder. Cam Newton does not. I put money on it that he's a bust.
  8. Sounds great and all but lets see some numbers.
  9. Just becuase it says that doesn't mean s***. 10k doesn't make sense at all. I hope this gets resolved.
  10. Run an open dump. I had one on the volvo. don't really need any room.
  11. If you have a car that hasn't moved since December sitting in your garage then you cannot comment on my posts...It's in the rules.
  12. I hate to do this to you, but with a blown head gasket that car is worth about 1k. Good luck with the sale.
  13. Yeah go with Tom Baker. I sold him my t5-R. Good guy and been in business forever.
  14. 383 stroker? What cam were you running? Depending on how this summer goes I am looking at the ms4 and supporting mods with the stock heads. Any pics of that car?
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