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    bmw m6 , bmw x5, bmw m technic convertible
  1. Thumbs up ! That is the one I picked out as well.
  2. Hey Rusty. I don't know if your into chrome but I have a nice set of AC schnitzer Type III wheels, 19 inch. Vorsteiner has a good collection of 5 spoke wheels.
  3. Rusty, it was great meeting you as well. Thanks for letting know about this M5. Your going to be a bad influence on me . Just joking. LOL
  4. I saw am e63 M6 in that color and did not like it as much. It looks good on that M5. I had an e60 550i with the M sport package and loved it but still think when I trade my M6 next year I will want a newer model.
  5. Thanks Matthugie. The 325is was my dream car in high school. Still may try to get one someday but my dilemma is it would have to sit outside the garage.
  6. I 've caught glimpses of your incredible car driving around Lexington and would love to see in person. I love the look of Panamera from the front but unsure of rear. My wife hates them so that has pretty much eliminated that car.
  7. I am looking at the F10 550/M5, F12 650/M6 or gran coupe. I have owned 13 BMW's in last 15 years but realize the other german carmakers make great cars. I really like the looks of the Audi RS5. I am open to any other recommendations by members of this forum. It will be a daily driver and car for short trips so still want a car with seating for 4. I do miss my E39 M5.
  8. Your right. The RPI full exhaust system sounds incredible. I was going to buy the system a few years ago but talked myself out of it. I am holding off on any mods because I probably will be trading car in next year.
  9. Only a few mods. Dinan carbon fiber strut bar, RPI scoops, BMC air filters, painted kidney grills , black side grills, vorsteiner front lip and trunk spoiler. I thought about some major engine mods such as dinan stroker motor or a supercharger but planning to keep car for probably just 1 more year.
  10. Thanks guys. Looking forward to talking cars with you guys.
  11. I have been an avid BMW fan for many years. Current collection is a rare 1991 Mtechnic convertible, 2006 M6, and 2011 X5 with M sport package.
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