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  1. Sparkling graphite e92 M3 with what looked like HRE's with M-DCT and what sounded like an ACM exhaust mod on Sharon road by South Park mall.
  2. Is that why there are bugs splattered all over the front end of it? LOL
  3. sg///M3

    nsfw coupe 2.0

    Nice! What's on the mod list?
  4. I have a stock x-pipe if you are still looking for one.
  5. Looks good! Glad you found a set of 219's.
  6. Time to change the sig!
  7. (See Jon? This is why we need more smileys! )
  8. I would say go for the 335is. And you should have some mod money left over.
  9. Bump for more smileys!
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