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  1. You misspelled misspelling. But, Drew has a fair amount of experience with things dipped in plastic.
  2. Never heard of Foregestar....
  3. 1 dollhair is better than $28, its a dollhair!
  4. I would bank on it being faster than an e46 m3...maybe even by a good little bit with launch control. Yes, white brings the lines out nicely - thats the main reason I pushed Jon to get a white (instead of black) Lamborghini.
  5. I'ev had a lot of white cars and own one now...I think you're really going to like it.
  6. DCT..... but over all a great looking car!
  7. No sir, google is YOUR friend. Porsche doesn't make a panamerica, its called the "Panamera."
  8. I think you would be pretty disappointed in an RS5. The car feels so heavy and it really is underpowered for an AWD car.
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