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  1. Been a while since I post here, but I lurk now and again. Time to get these out of the garage though. A few years ago, I bought an E34 M5, and these were the rolling stock at the time of purchase. I replaced them with Style 39s because I prefer 18s on a car of this vintage. Tires on them are drivable, but I can't stand them. They're loud because the alignment was off when I got the car and that's pretty much made the tires throw-aways. I figure you can roll on them for a bit while you decide what to do. Yank them and replace them with some sticky summer stock. The Good: Wide. These will fit
  2. I wondered who jumped on those. I was the next in line.
  3. SOLD! Thanks Mike. Enjoy the grip.
  4. Bump. Where did everyone go? Lots of interest in the thread but no IM activity at all. What gives?
  5. And if you guys are NOT receiving my PMs, please post here and let me know.
  6. I haven't heard from him yet, but it's only fair to give him a bit. If I haven't heard by this evening when I get home from work (think 5pm-ish), I'll drop you a PM with my number and we can arrange the specifics, Mike. Thanks for the interest! This will go towards a few repair parts for t3h wagon. Chris
  7. First come, first served. Messages sent. If blkonblk doesn't scoop'em up by tomorrow, I'll email you, Mike.
  8. I received no message. Might be because I'm new. I see you're in Waxhaw. I'm usually down that way on Friday evenings. Some of them, anyway. Let me know.
  9. Asking $300 for these. Located in Charlotte near uptown. I put about 5k miles on them in one summer. I took them off for a winter tire swap on my 540 M-sport and never put them back on. Car is gone, these need to go as well. Come pick-em up, or I can meet you reasonably close for the asking price. They've been waiting in my garage for a year. SIZES Fronts are 235/40-18, rears are 265/35-18 (OEM sizes for an 03 BMW 540i M-Sport)
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