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  1. Give this independent dealer a try. They bought my 2005 AA M3 a few years ago and moved it pretty quick. May offer more than a dealer trade-in. http://www.highlinemotorssouth.com/
  2. Thanks for the awesome work you did on my LP560 Eurowise!!!
  3. Looks like C&C will be the 13th this month due to rain. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1017602191589478&id=147517008598005
  4. Please post an address so people that want to attend can use GPS to find the event.
  5. See link below to get 2 tickets to the Charlotte Auto Show for $8.50 total, they are normally $10 each.. Use the living social link below and coupon code octsave15 to get that deal. https://t.livingsocial.com/deals/1233288?ref=share-deal_pur_proc_email-copy_box-web-deals&rpi=175192554&rui=182735531
  6. Come celebrate the Grand opening of Italian at 7th restaurant, Saturday September 20th Great food, music, and entertainment for all ages that day from 12-4pm. We will be open that day from 11am-11pm as well! UPTOWN @321 N Caldwell St https://www.facebook.com/ItalianAt7th
  7. If you like amazing car photos go "Like" this Facebook page right now. The photographer, Joey, puts together really killer shots. Spread the word. https://www.facebook.com/wallpaperstatus
  8. DemonEye

    nsfw coupe 2.0

    Painted reflectors and stealth turn signal bulbs and you'll be all set for a little while.
  9. DemonEye

    nsfw coupe 2.0

    Very nice! I'm sure painted reflectors and other mods are already waiting at home.
  10. He picked up my muffler so he may still need the mids, not sure.
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